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Patient Stories

Randeep Kaur (25 years)
(Region's First Dynamic stabilization)

Kulwant Singh
Athenes, Greece
I was having Pain in the calf of my right leg. I had got a similar pain many months ago; it subsided with rest and medication. This time the pain would not go. Pain instead of decreasing started increasing and it became difficult for me to walk.

I have a standing job and it became difficult for me to do my duty and I started taking off from work. I live here in Greece away from my family in Goraya, Punjab, India. I showed to an Orthopedic surgeon here in Greece. Tried some medication here, but then he got an MRI done which confirmed a right sided slip disc which was compressing my right sided nerve root. I was advised surgery, which scared me.

I discussed it with my family in India. 1 week later my wife called me and told me about Dr Sanjay Pal Bansal, that he is doing Key-Hole surgery for Slipped Disc. Some body in the village has got treatment done from Dr Pal and I was informed that he is a fellowship trained spine-surgeon from Italy and Singapore.

I got his number and called him from Greece. I was greeted by a pleasant voice who listened to my problem patiently. I fixed up an appointment with him, flew to India.
On meeting him in his clinic and discussing everything with him, I was convinced. I found the hospital very clean and hygienic, staff was very cooperative. Within 2 days I was back home after getting the surgery done. I was walking comfortably with minimal pain in my leg, and by one week all my pain was gone. I was back to Greece after 3 weeks—it also included stay at home with my family.

Now I am perfectly OK with and back to my original work. I do practice daily back exercises and ergonomics for my back. Had I known that this procedure is so simple and available in my own state, I would not have suffered so much of pain.

Mr DK Sharma
Atwal Colony, Jalandhar City

I was having severe back pain and sciatica in my left leg since April 2009. I had already shown to a couple of doctors by this time and also got an MRI done. My pain was not getting well. Dr Pal examined me thoroughly and advised me to continue with the conservative treatment. He explained me my condition and showed me the MRI—there was a big slip-disc at L5-S1 level compressing my left S1 nerve root.

I was back in his clinic after 6 months of suffering. These 6 months were mostly spent on the bed, I had exhausted all my medical leave, my left calf muscles had become weak, I could stand with a bend to the right and walk for a very small distance. I was advised surgery by other doctors, but I was not convinced and was very scared.

Dr Pal consoled me; he explained me that surgery was required. He told me that he would do a minimally invasive surgery, I will need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days and there will not be much requirement of a long leave from work.

I got the surgery done, when I woke up from anesthesia my legs were moving( I was extremely scared as people told me that if you get a Spine surgery done your legs may not move) and my pain was gone. I was allowed to walk in the corridor the next morning and most of the bend in my back had corrected.

Now it is 6 months I had this surgery, I am perfectly OK. Had I known that it would be a very comfortable and safe procedure, I would not have taken so much of suffering.
My message to people suffering from similar conditions is not to prolong their illness for very long time, listen to what their doctor says.

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