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Dr Sanjay Pal is a Post Graduate in Orthopedics from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana , one of the premier most Institution in North India. Dr Sanjay always has keen interest in Back `n` Neck pain management.Punjab had been lacking in the advanced Spine care facilities. Dr Pal always had a visoin to develope a Spine-Care facility to cater to the people of Punjab.

My Spine Training
Most of his early Spine training has been under Prof. VT Ingalhaleker at the Ashwani Back School, Mumbai and Dr PS Ramani at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.

Fellowship in Spine surgery :
-> Trained in Endoscopic Discectomy under Dr Jean Destandau at Bagatelle Hospital, France in 2004.
-> 6 months(Jan 2007- July2007) hands on training at Singapore General Hospital, Singapore. Here I have worked with prominent surgeons like Prof. Tan Seng Beng, Mr. Yu Wai Mun and Mr. John Chen.
-> 2 months (Sept 2007- Nov2007) - AO Spine International Fellowship at Istituto Orthopedico Galeazzi, Milan, Italy (the first Indian to be trained at this prestigious institute). Here I have worked with senior surgeons like Prof. Claudio Lamartina, Prof. Marco Bruno Bryeda and Prof. A Zagra
-> Visiting Fellow (2009) to Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul , here I worked with Prof. Azmi Hamzaoglu and trained in Complex and Revision Spine Surgery.

At Orthopedic `n` Spine Center Jalandhar following procedures are being performed:-
-> MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY Endoscopic discectomy for Acute Disc Prolapse and Lumbar Canal Stenosis—a small incision surgery-- hospital stays 24 to 48 hours only.
-> MINIMALLY INVASIVE TLIF and Spinal Fusion with Percutaneous Pedical screw fixation.
-> Vertebral Augmentation Techniques— Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty— a minimally invasive technique to treat the pain caused by Vertebral Compression Fractures from either Osteoporosis or Tumor Infiltration
-> Percutaneous Spinal Biopsies for diagnosing various pathologies.
-> Pain Clinic : Epidural and Nerve Root Blocks for Sciatica, Facet Joint & Medial branch blocks for Back and Neck pain, Neuroablation of facet joints.
-> REVISION SPINE SURGERY for patients who have not benefited from the previous surgery.
-> Spinal Arthoplasty : Cervical and Lumbar Disc Replacement.
-> Dynamic Stabilization of Spine : the new concept in motion preservation surgery.
-> Deformity Correction for Adolescent and Adult Kyphoscoliosis and Degenerative Scoliosis.
-> Tumour Surgery for Primary and Metastatic Tumors of Spine.

Why Jalandhar?
Jalandhar is a centrally located town in Punjab and one of the most developed cities in Punjab. It is well connected by Rail, Road (New Delhi-360km) and Air (nearest International Airport- Amirtsar 100km). Present Day Jalandhar has become a hub of advanced medical treatment. Jalandhar is a pleasant city in Doaba and has plenty of eateries and hotels- budget and luxury. Orthopedic`n`Spine Center is centrally located- 5mts from Railway Station and 15mts for Bus Stand. The Spine Center has been started at Pal Hospital, a 30 bedded hospital with a fully equipped Operation Theatre Complex with well appointed rooms (recently renovated). The Spine team is assisted by qualified and considerate staff.

You Come First
Your well-being is important to us. We place great value on individual consultation and treatment, as well as competent, personal care by our highly qualified clinic team.

OUR MISSION: to be the best centre for Neck `n` Back pain management in Punjab.

OUR VISION: to lead and educate the community as the premier pain center of excellence in Punjab.

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